Photo Gallery 4

During the trip, we went on a Segway Tour. You have to experience a Segway. Two wheels, balanced and powered by your forward or backward movement! Very fun and a great way to see the sites!

Tim and Sherry in front of the White House on their Segways. Could Segway wine delivery be too far in the future?
Sherry and Tim checked out more wines from all over the world at Epcot! Hereís Sherry in Germany!

Uncorkt at the Splish Splash Preview Bash, where hundreds of Fish and Otters were revealed as part of Downtown Racineís Summer 2005 outdoor public art display. Our fish, "Drinks Like A Fish" is on display through Labor Day at Uncorkt!

Uncorkt donated a 52 bottle wine cooler... Sherry is seen with DRC director Devin Sutherland drawing the winner.

Our Tiny Bubbles was a huge hit!
Here is our group that chose to dress up for the event!
The cover of Wine Business Magazine
featuring our little Sam!

Sherry and Tim spent a recent weekend in Memphis, TN.
We visited two Tennessee wineries and Sherry was seen hitting on Crabby Joe.

Uncorkt at the WRJN-EZ 92 Bridal Extravaganza.
"MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS... A TRIBUTE TO MARILYN MONROE AND DEAN MARTIN" was Uncorktís second theatrical production in the Private Reserve Room. Lori Minnetti and Jimmy Iaquinta reprised the respective roles to a sold out crowd on Valentineís Day evening. As you can see, the audience was definitely involved! More great Uncorkt Un-Conventional theatre coming soon! Photo: Larry Zamba Studios
Lori Minneti and Jimmy Iaquinta do a reading of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" to a sold out house! We even scheduled a second command performance on December 18th!

Uncorktís Wine Appreciation 201challenges participants to find
the wine and where itís from!"
Karl Frederick from UW Parkside mixes Mistletoe and Fruit of the Vine at one of Uncorktís Exclusive wine events!

National recording artist Kerry Sherwood performs at Uncorkt for EZ 92 Wine Tasting.